TransUnion & Klish Group:
Transformational Change

Klish Group and TransUnion have worked together on the complete redesign of Using Twitter bootstrap framework and LiveSite, Klish Group deployed the newly redesigned site on the new TeamSite 7.4.1 in 3 environments. Like other clients Klish Group has worked with, this was a significant undertaking since 6.7.2 was the prior version of TeamSite TransUnion had been using and multiple product updates had occured since this version was released.

In order to facilitiate this complete overhaul, Klish Group hosted a TeamSite 7.4.1 instance in a private cloud for TransUnion to quickly build site components for the newer platform. This decreased overall project execution time and simplified activities required of TransUnion IT resources. On site training provided by Klish Group also ensured a high level of understanding for users and developers of the platform.


Site Overhaul