Wyndham Worldwide & Klish Group:
Reimagining RCI.com

In April 2014, the Wyndham Exchange and Rentals Marketing and IT teams (RCI), along with their designated creative agency, partnered with Klish Group to provide a redesigned platform for their flagship website: rci.com. Klish Group led the delivery of the web site on a brand new Web Content Management and component based browser rendering platform both functionally and technically through the entire software development lifecycle. Our functional team led the gathering of requirements and creation of wireframes with business rules, while our technical team was responsible for the overall web site authoring and rendering platforms' technical architecture, including the design, build and test of all supporting code.

The redesigned web site was broken down into reusable components that can be easily assembled into full pages by non-technical marketing resources. Additionally, the new rendering platform allows components to be integrated into existing IT managed transactional pages to introduce new functionality to RCI’s existing platform. The web pages are made up of reusable components that include integrations with:

• RCI written services layer accessible via the web site visitor’s browser to pull Member specific account data
• Targeted content rules specified by authors, which are based on sixteen predefined Member profile attributes
• Multiple third party vendors that provide Resort Reviews, Analytics, Content Delivery Network (CDN), and Search

The website now supports 3.7 million RCI subscribing Members with access to over 107,000 vacation properties in approximately 100 countries, 23 different locales, 18 different brand experiences (clubs) and multiple languages including Mandarin Chinese.

The value that this work has brought to RCI is transformative for their business. RCI now has the ability to target promotions and content based on a Member profile with the core sixteen attributes in addition to any number of custom marketing defined attributes from their data warehouse. Klish Group has enabled RCI to leapfrog from an old web site with little targeting, to the current site which provides a more relevant visitor experience that is easier to maintain through content reuse between authoring teams working on four different continents.


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