Hilton Worldwide & Klish Group:
A Long-standing Partnership

At Hilton Worldwide, Klish Group's longest-standing client, the demand on e-commerce via the web has been crucial to Hilton's sustained growth. Their sites host high web traffic 24 hours a day, with users browsing Hilton’s entire product catalog of hotel properties in real time. The user's ability to access this information and enter into a booking funnel is key to Hilton's success.

As established TeamSite customers, Hilton understood the power of the software, but needed technical expertise to ensure that the software would peform well for thousands of users at a time, driving them to book reservations at a Hilton property. Klish Group helped build a complex set of content management tools, templates and processes to empower Hilton content authors. TeamSite is the authoring environment, using a mix of templates and SitePublisher components to provide content to the custom web application servicing each visitor to the site.

Hilton content authors from around the world use TeamSite on a daily basis to update content about each property. Staying current with the latest TeamSite platform continues to be a priority. Throughout our nine year relationship with Hilton, Klish Group has advised and guided the successful upgrade of TeamSite platforms from version 6.5 to 6.7.1, then to 6.7.2 and finally to the current 7.2.1.

During this relationship Hilton consolidated their operations with Hilton International. Each entity originally had their own set of TeamSite servers. We designed the plan to consolidate servers that continue to be used today by content authors globally.

The Hilton platform contains a mix of traditional Data Capture Templates, Perl Presentation Templates and Data Content Records that populate legacy web sites. Additional web property redesigns are also utilizing this SitePublisher component and page template framework.


Technical Development