DuPont & Klish Group:
Enabling a Global Marketing Organization

DuPont has been a TeamSite customer since version 4.5 of the product, and the platform is used globally by DuPont business units to host internal and external web properties in multiple languages. DuPont engaged Klish Group to assist them in upgrading their Solaris based platform from version 5.5.2 to 6.1 in 2004.

TeamSite 6.1 would serve as the platform for a rollout of a standard set of TeamSite Data Capture and Presentation Templates known as “One DuPont” to facilitate consistent branding and messaging across the global enterprise. DuPont engaged a design agency to design and develop the new branding that would be applied across all of their web sites. Over a period of the next few years, widespread adoption of the platform led DuPont to experience some technical limitations related to number of branches and users that were part of the TeamSite version 6.1 platform.

DuPont needed to address the limitations with the TeamSite version 6.1 platform and decided to skip the TeamSite version 6.5 release and migrate directly to TeamSite version 6.7.1 release. After successful upgrade to the TeamSite 6.7.1 platform, the software platform and “One DuPont” framework has and continues to serve all of the public facing DuPont marketing sites today. The DuPont platform consists of TeamSite Data Capture Templates, Perl Presentation Templates and Data Content Records which generate static HTML files that are deployed on its corporate and brand sites.


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