Translation Integration for Seamless
Content Management Across the Globe

If your website supports multiple languages, Fluint® (Fluid Internationalization) can help. Klish Group developed Fluint® to seamlessly integrate OpenText's TeamSite platform with leading translation providers to allow simple, continuous translation of web content. Our solution can be up and running in one day, and is highly configurable, allowing it to be dropped directly into new or existing customer implementations to keep your existing workflow process intact and simply adding in the translation integration steps. Fluint® installs right into the TeamSite web application, removing the need for additional hardware and setup costs.

Fluint® Features:

• Simple Installation and Configuration
• Translate from any format or source language
• Support for not just content but metadata translation allowing greater regionalization of assets
• Full support of entire SitePublisher pages, no need to translate and reassemble asset by asset
• Send translation requests individually or in batches
• Translation request progress tracked directly in TeamSite (no need for third party/software)


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