Detailed Training
Delivered By Experts

We offer both Administrator and Developer training, depending on your needs. A key element of our success in training is the fact that our trainers are:

Full-time Klish Group employees. Training is delivered by full-time employees each having over 10 years of consulting experience. Our entire training team are consultants with real customer experience implementing OpenText solutions.

Our Administrator training is invaluable in ensuring your team fully understands the content system they are managing. This includes related products from TeamSite to OpenDeploy, LiveSite, and IDOL Search. The typical course focuses on backend file and system administration, user provisioning, and ongoing maintenance activities but can be tailored to your company's needs to include:

• General understanding of all OpenText WCM modules
• Comparing module differences with previous versions
• Understanding how to use the TeamSite and OpenDeploy user interface and command line tools to perform administration tasks and operations
• Advanced capabilities such as metadata management, globalization/localization, dependency management, datasource framework, Search/ReportCenter, and code & configuration management
• LiveSite Content Services and LiveSite Display Services administration

Our Developer training enables participants to configure and customize their CMS systems. The products covered range from TeamSite to OpenDeploy, LiveSite, and IDOL Search. The typical course focuses on development topics like implementing FormAPI, customizing TinyMCE, developing custom workflow models, creating targeting rules, actions, and conditions and implementing sites using LiveSite. This course can also be tailored to your company's needs to include:

• Developing custom components in TeamSite and customize the TeamSite UI
• Developing OpenDeploy and DataDeploy configuration files and adapters
• Learning SitePublisher authoring concepts and develop SitePublisher components, page templates, page layouts, etc.
• Learning LiveSite Runtime concepts and development
• Learning workflow models and the PLC workflow
• Gaining a strong understanding of deployment, dependency management, & localization frameworks
• Learning about IDOL Search integration and configuration
• Learning about support for .NET and how to develop .NET components