Klish Group is an
HP Autonomy Platinum Partner

Working with Klish Group means you are working with an HP Autonomy Platinum Partner. This means HP has formally recognized our organization for its expertise in the platform and within multiple product offerings. Our strong relationship with HP means we are a trusted source of client feedback, ensuring new versions of the product meet their needs. As our knowledge base continues to grow each year with successive releases, our team brings the latest capabilities to your project, building custom integrations for clients large and small.

By being closely aligned with HP Autonomy’s future technical direction, Klish Group approaches each client engagement knowing where their products are headed. As early adopters of the Content Services Software Development Kits and the transformation of the TeamSite product from Perl to Java, our clients have saved money by avoiding costly rework in the future by being part of the future.

For more detail about HP's Autonomy Platinum Partner program click here.